• S V

    S V

  • Alison McBain

    Alison McBain

    Alison McBain writes fiction & poetry, edits & reviews books, and pens a webcomic about parenting called “Toddler Times.” http://www.alisonmcbain.com/

  • Caroline Jaffe Pickett

    Caroline Jaffe Pickett

  • PeggyHolman


    Co-founder and director, Journalism That Matters. Author, Engaging Emergence & The Change Handbook. Hosting conversations for addressing complex challenges.

  • Jordan J.P.

    Jordan J.P.

    I’m a student journalist & the host of “The Boundless & Ballin’ Podcast”. I like reading about the media, NBA/MLB, politics, and CompSci. Twitter: @JPagkalina1

  • Tanja Aitamurto

    Tanja Aitamurto

    Examining the impact of new media technologies on people’s behavior and on society at Stanford. Civic tech, AR, VR, crowdsourcing. www.tanjaaitamurto.com

  • Siddhartha Bagaria

    Siddhartha Bagaria

  • Roger Verhoeven

    Roger Verhoeven

    All My Blogs/Social Media : https://linktr.ee/RogerVerhoeven https://mastodon.social/@RogerVerhoeven

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